bunhead for life

20. gemini.

有钱, 什么都可以。

没有钱, 什么都不可以。


Despite all the dreadful things that are happening in Malaysia now, I still have faith in humanity. I have faith in the new generation, in us. And a few more like, truth and karma. Because the truth always triumphs. This is not the end, this is just a bend in the journey.

screw feelings

When shit happens, you just feel like you got a punch in the face and you fall back few steps. Right now, I feel that way. I want to delete them shitty feelings 😦

#np 你是如此的难以忘记, 浮浮沉沉地在我心里,改变自己需要多少勇气,翻腾的心情该如何平静。

moved on

The process of moving on was tough af however … after you’ve completely moved on from your ex, I tell you, it’s one of the best feelings ever. Freedom (of the heart) and happiness is all I feel right now. I enjoy my time alone and I’m starting to like my own company. Being by myself has always been my thing, since I’m the only child of the family. But being all alone by myself and feeling that overwhelming-loneliness — I never liked that. In fact I guess no one likes that. However recently I am really enjoying all the time that I have at home.

“You used to say I won’t know a wind until it crossed me, like I won’t know real love ’til I’ve loved and I’ve lost it.” – If You Could See Me Now, The Script. I’m a changed person now. No longer give two shits about boys because boys will always be boys. No longer text people just to talk about my feelings. No longer text much. I probably only check my whatsapp every 6-8 hours once lol.

Recently I’m obsessed with this japanese cat game and I really like it, although it makes me look like someone who has never dated for 25 years and still lonely af. Buttttttt, cats are cute. I am starting to find them adorable 😀


Please don’t make me fall in love this year, God. Just don’t, please.

Stronger, than ever.

I am focusing on my goals. My goal to UK, to getting a first class honours degree, to making my parents proud and impressing big bosses.

And also, I am very curious of how my future boyfriend looks like.

Never again

I am at the point where I don’t want my ex anymore. I loved him. He was the sun, the stars and the moon to me. But sadly he is not for me and I don’t think I am for him too.

The way people leave you, says so much about them. I finally see a clearer picture now.

Our love was great. Our love was fine.

And we had our time.

When it is time, everything that is supposed to end will end, no matter what.

i will find my very own jay-z one day

Right now, it is the prime time of our lives to explore everything – the world, the books, friends. And the world is waiting for us to explore it. We have yet to make our parents to be proud of us.

Right now, timing is just not right for us.

Right now, “i am chaos to your mind and you are poison to my heart”.