Ice cream truck

by Steph

I’m 18 now, well actually just 17+. I want to dream big. Initially I wanted to be a pharmacist(i still want to be one), but now it seems like my chemistry-learning-and-understanding-progress isn’t pretty satisfying. So the other day I was day-dreaming until i thought of some great ideas which i can do to my forever-never-changing-and-boring-life. “I want to build schools. Maybe in Africa or India. At those remote areas where most of the time they have doctors and nurses flying to the patient’s house by a helicopter or a plane.”, these thoughts kept on going. 

Oh, and of course before all the school-building-stuff, I will have to earn A LOT of money first. And, I really really hope to own an ice cream truck. Just visualize this : You’re driving a light shade of cotton candy pink ice cream truck around the neighbourhood. As you drive, the speakers on your truck are playing some unknown kiddy songs. The sun-glaring weather is literally melting the human beings. Then these little kids come running towards your ice cream truck with their flip-flops. At that moment you realize that every single kid running towards your direction is smiling out from ear to ear. The parents too, walk out from their houses and head towards your truck with a slight smile on their face. The kids get to eat ice cream, the parents get to eat too, and you too get to be happy because you can eat ice cream and earn money at the same time. The relationship of mutualism is achieved.