stupid me.

by Steph

I hate to feel like I’m losing someone. I strongly dislike that feeling you get when you and your friend are texting and you think that you’re boring to him/her. And because of that, I’m sort of afraid that i might lose someone I love eg. my friends. Am I a boring person? Maybe we just don’t have something in common. I don’t want to force myself to be something that I’m not.

oh, and my friend asked me not to cancel people out of my life so fast. I tend to have this habit of pushing people away. I don’t wanna do that but it’s just something that is in me. Change, is what I need right now.

Some more, I would love someone to chase after me right now. But God seems to forbid that thing from happening. Or maybe the time has yet to come. “I feel so alone every Friday night…” – Born to Die, Lana Del Rey. I feel empty, always. Everyone around me has somebody to love. But I don’t. Maybe God’s trying to hint me that IT’S OKAY TO BE SINGLE. Yeah, it’s totally fine to be single. Nothing’s wrong with being single, right? And I would like to hug someone tightly until they feel suffocated, cuddle with them, kiss their cheeks and lips, and most of all, I think what i really need right now is someone to love me.