stomach-brain probs

by Steph

I tend to zoom in 100x into other people’s flaws. This is so not right. I do that to myself too, That is why I feel so insecure about myself.

I don’t know why, I was extremely hungry right before dinner just now until I feel air rolling in my intestines. Then I reached out to my food and swallowed it without really chewing the food. Too hungry. And then out of a sudden I thought of B eating. My stomach sort of immediately stopped accepting food and I didn’t feel like eating anymore. This happened last year when I had a crush on the stupid guy. And I always don’t have the appetite to eat whenever I see someone I’m attracted to.

I guess why my stomach reacted that way is because I think I look ugly when I eat. It just seems like I don’t want anyone to know my flaws. I don’t want them to see the ugly me. Or the picky me, It’s saddening to think that no one is perfect.