Big Ben

by Steph

I wonder how and why this has happened. I was doing my chemistry report while listening to music and out of a sudden I saw his name. yeah, I’m listening to Jay Chou’s song, Big Ben. 

I get jealous easily. But at the same time I don’t want to be jealous over my closest friend in college. He texts her more than he texts me. He tells her jokes but not to me. See? this is why i got jealous. And meanwhile, I’m fighting so hard with myself not to fall for him. Now. 

I’ve gotta chill. You don’t want to get yourself hurt again and look so pathetic all over again, right? Please don’t fall. And I’m telling you this, you don’t wanna go through another heartbreak and end up like some pathetic young girls or women who can’t live without their crush or boyfriends.

I need some break, from my thoughts. It’s killing me,