Let God

by Steph

CNY is getting nearer and nearer day by day. Just when I thought I can finally take a break from school(exams, quizzes, assignments and homework!), here comes the once-a-year-festive-season which I look forward to the most, Chinese New Year. It’s exhausting, you know. But it’s fun meeting all the relatives and cousins and wiping out all the biscuits and crackers until you can feel a sore throat coming.

Today it stressed me out too much. Physics test, chemistry presentation and maths test. Yup, you got it right, all in ONE day. This has certainly led me to some mental distress or whatever you call it. Right now I don’t feel like doing anything but to sit on my twirl-able cushioned chair while blogging.

I feel like, I’m not ready to love someone right now. I literally need to clear everything that is not important out of my head. Those endless thoughts bothers me too much because it literally takes up most of the space in my mind.

Oh, and I don’t want to feel restrained anymore. I mean like, I feel restrained because of him and I want to be the real me in front of him. I definitely do not need to worry about creating and keeping my image good and clean in front of him. I mean, I want him to know the real me. And I have many sides, like the CRAZY & HYPER side, the innocent side, the picky side, the stupid side and many more.

I feel very comfortable around Br. Which is quite good, maybe we would end up being best friends or even more than that. Who knows? Let go and let God. I’m not gonna worry about the 2Bs anymore. Just gonna be me in front of them, and I am very sure that God will certainly make a right way for me and my future.