Not your average friday

by Steph

It’s 1619 now. Heading back to Penang with my parents, as usual(been doing this for 18 years and will keep doing this until I get married). I’m in the car chilling while folding up both my legs as I am typing this. My dad is driving while my mum’s fascinated by her new Samsung galaxy note2. She just loves to brag about what her phone can do more than mine. Well, I don’t really care because I love my iphone more than anything else in this world. I wouldn’t want to change a new phone because this phone has sort of became part of me and it is now my extended personality. I write everything I feel in there. I have my instagram, twitter, tumblr, LINE, whatsapp, facebook and wechat in there. I have tons of photos and music and videos saved inside this little baby.

At this time, it is one of my favourite moments all year round. I wish time would stop right at this moment, at this minute this second. No tears, just joy. No anger, just happiness. No disappointments, just anticipation. Perfect timing to allow time to stop. I want to stay in this car forever.

Nothing much happened today. Ms. Charmaine, our biology lecturer showed us an hour long video. And of course it is related to Biology. It’s about this man who is too brave and probably someone paid him an extra million dollar just so that he would take on this so called “Super Size Me” Challenge. Basically what he had to do was to consume 3 meals of mcdonald’s every single day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He did all these just to show us that FAST FOOD AIN’T HEALTHY. You probably might think that, “Yeah yeah, whatever. Fast food ain’t good, who doesn’t know that.” But the truth is, no one knows how much danger it can cause to our body. Well, I probably wouldn’t eat Mcdonald’s as often as how I did in the past anymore because it’s THAT intimidating, the effect.

CF meeting was FUN! Mr.Yoshua shared about patronizing and other stuff which I think is quite inspiring. I will be a better person. I want to be young. And young people always learn. This is vital in our lives, never stop learning and never be too proud to learn from other people. Oh, and of course I took photos with a and b, and it made me super duper happy. Too bad didn’t get the chance to take photos with B, but at least we walked out the college together and we got to talk to each other. He’s a nice guy who can keep the conversation going on.