by Steph

At this moment, I’m supposed to sleep now. I have physics test tomorrow, chem and maths test on the day after tomorrow. I’m afraid, afraid that I might fail my paper again. Semester exam is just next week. No more procrastination please. No more delaying stuff. It’s time to wake up and realize how much I have to pick up in order to go with the flow of the class. Since 99%of my class are smart people, I should really buck up. 

I have to face my fear, and I know that Jesus is always there to help me through my toughest times. I’m thankful that He is there for me. I’m glad that He arranges everything for me. 

I should be sleeping now. But I just can’t go to sleep. I can’t. How about some late night snacks? Or maybe some instant noodles? Yeah, I think I should cook myself a plate of instant noodles just to kill my boredom and make myself more tired so that I can sleep. Nights.