A boyfriend maybe, God?

by Steph

Had a great lunch with my fellow classmates just now. It was fun, talking and playing games and eating with them. Love everyone of them till death. I don’t ever want to graduate. We met B’s “best” friend too, Nat. She’s very friendly, very cute. I can see that B likes her. I’m truly happy for him. On the other hand, I called KY during lunch just now and she told me that she already has a bf. I’m very happy for her too. 

At this moment, I want a bf too. I’m done feeling so empty. I don’t really want to build up and keep my walls so high but this is for the better. I want someone to truly care about me. Someone who will always be there for me. Lend me a shoulder when I need to cry or when I’m tired. Send me good night and good morning texts everyday. Give me backhugs. Carry me when I’m tired of walking. Tell me secrets. Share my deepest darkest secrets with him. Give me forehead kisses and endlessly kisses my cheeks and lips. Yeah, I want those. Now.