shallow human beings

by Steph

The marchies are full of pretty and good looking girls. I constantly(and subconsciously) compare myself to them. I mean like, that’s human nature, right? But it never gets me far. Instead I personally think it ruins me. My self esteem sort of, instantly decreases from 60% to 10%. I feel ugly. I feel like, I’m constantly beneath other good looking people. They outshine me. 

And of course, it’s human nature that people love to be around pretty girls and attractive guys. Therefore there is no doubt that people would wanna surround themselves with those bejeweled people out there.( which means people who are so good looking that they looked like they’re covered with jewels, look as if they shine in the public) 

Me, an average teen. With an average look. It doesn’t make me feel good. Well, I guess I shouldn’t use the word ‘average’ but instead, I should replace it with ‘ugly’. I just hate how my eyes are so baggy and dark circles roams under my eyes forever. I hate how pimples pop out whenever I have period. I dislike how my cheeks are so huge it makes me uncomfortable and I can’t smile properly in front of a camera. I hate how the frame of my face is so huge that I look so ugly in photos every single time.(sometimes okay, most of the time-no)