stay, please.

by Steph

I’m not quite sure about what I’m feeling right now. Everything on my mind now is twined and coiled up like my forever-and-always-tangled earphones. I just had a heart to heart talk with py at coffee bean just now. It left me sad(maybe not sad, mostly just not happy). And of course I brought back those negative energy with me back home. I took a nap, as usual. And I woke up without feeling good about myself. I then went on facebook and I saw b’s status on our class page. “I’m gonna miss you guys”, he posted. That literally made me feel depressed even more. All the negative energy that my thoughts built up today murdered my friday night.

Those extraordinary powerful negative thoughts influence my mind and my soul way more easily than the positive ones. I hope b is not leaving. I don’t want him to leave. I really really don’t want that to happen. No matter what it is, please please please don’t go. Stay. 

Although I don’t like him, but I really don’t want a nice friend to go. Stay by my side. Be m guardian angel please. I don’t think school is fun without you, anymore(if you’re not here). Okay, maybe I shall stop overthinking.