I wear long pants to college everyday. T

by Steph


I wear long pants to college everyday. T shirt and sometimes long sleeves shirt. Converse most of the time but sometimes Toms.

The more I dress up this way to school, the more I think I’m ugly. Last week I went to a bookstore where they sell textbooks for my programme( located just right opposite Joey’s college), I was wearing my MCKL shirt with a pair of long black skinny jeans. Along with my red high top converse.Hell yeah I felt super small and extremely insecure because so many good looking people were roaming around that area. Me? Pfft. I’m more like a piece of dried and entirely browned leaf on the tar road. So unnoticeable.
Sometimes I feel like giving a punch in my face because I just look so, plain and ugly and normal and average. People look pass me in seconds and they never turn back their head anymore. I’ve never left a vivid image in anyone’s head before.
Oh by the way, I took this photo on the lrt. When I was on my way back to home.