current situation + wishes

by Steph

I wouldn’t say I’m officially over him, but even though I’ve moved on to the next chapter of my life I will still remember him(i guess). Recently, I’m totally enjoying being on my own. It doesn’t mean that  I like to be a loner or alone or even not socialize with anyone else. It simply means I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship now, yeah right now. I don’t think I’m neither ready for it nor want someone to give me kisses and long hugs. I’m totally fine being like this, single. I’m happy, carefree(well, not really actually), free and single. Not very sexy though, but still working towards being prettier than before. 

Being 17+ and turning 18 in a week, I’m still THIS ugly and insecure and short, how am I supposed to be pretty? Oh, and I wanna be smart too. Intelligence > beauty.