my man

by Steph

Yesterday night was Jay chou’s concert. I was in awe, of his perfect-grid-chocolate-bar-oh-so-line-defined abs. I didn’t go cray as how I did, at gd’s concert. It was all of because joey’s friends. They um, are not very cray instead they’re really well behaved human beings(unlike me an animal trying to act like a human). So I did sort of let out of my animal side for only quite a while.

I mixed with the ahem-higher-level-people-of-the-ahem-society-ahem yesterday night. Some of them are really really nice. Friendly and humble. Some of them are, haha crayyyyy. Bodyguards and drivers around us. It felt really weird. And I saw some of the instagram-famous-people and they were really pretty(in real life) I have to say. Like Cneoh. Ughhhh fangirl shit.

Oh okay back to Jay Chou. He was so nice to all of us and of course he sang my favourite song 青花瓷. Me and J sang along to his songs and we really did enjoy ourselves there. What a happy night. I was genuinely happy.