by Steph

I am back from singapore. Just reached home ytd 2am in the morning. How cray. Anyway I had a great time in singapore, excluding the need to constantly look at my cousin’s mood, and my mum’s. I hate the idea of that, like wth I’m here to have fun and travel and I need to see your face. “It depends, see if it’s raining. If it’s raining I’m not walking there.” Like wtf, I’m not as fortunate as you I don’t come to singapore frequently, just walk there with an umbrella.(we were at Orchard Road that time) 

I’m very understanding. I always always follow what my cousin says. Well except that perfume thing at mustafa. I have to admit I was kinda outta my mind that time. 

Other than all the bad things, I bought a white jumper with black stripes and a black skater skirt and a lot of miniature chocolates and did a henna tattoo which sort of attracted everyone’s attraction. Overall, Singapore was fun.