bunhead for life

20. gemini.

Month: September, 2013

You won champion. I made my promise, and I kept it. Silently and secretly, as I bought you a cheap watch. I guess that’s what makes love so pure and innocent. Cheap stuffs that you buy for someone you love. The promises that you try your best to keep. The future plans that you guys laid out. The way he secretly looks at you, and you caught him looking at you but at the same time he, too, caught you looking at him. The butterflies in your stomach. Breaths that you take, it all becomes less deeper when he’s near you. 

wake up calls

I swear that was the best wake up call from you, ever. The way you softly pronounced the words, the breaths you took, the things you said, the chuckles you made. It all made my day. 

So. Apparently a lot of my classmates know about us. But we don’t really show our affection towards each other in front of everyone. 

Still pissed at my mum. She freaking called me 10 times. Yes, 10 times. How on earth can a mum be so freaking obsessed with her own daughter. I hate her for being so over protective. She makes me feel like she doesn’t even trust me. 

She never trusted me before. 

what’s left between a mum and a daughter when there’s no trust.

so f*cking pissed at my mum. stop questioning abt him please. 

The more he tries to make me feel better, the more I feel bad about myself. The more I feel shitty about myself. I can never get good results. Please do understand me. I need to put in all my effort to prove my parents and maki wrong. I want to get good results.



但他好像比我喜欢他 ,还要更喜欢我。