bunhead for life

20. gemini.

Month: October, 2013

what sorcery is this.

why is my mum so overprotective. I hate it so much. can’t even go out with my friends.

she never fails to sink me down with her piercing arrow-like words. I cried. I know i’m not that strong but I definitely know that I can win this fight, right? God? I have faith in You, that you can heal my mum.

safe and sound

I typed out the words on your phone, as I am communicating with your fellow brothers. You leaned against me, your cheeks touched my right shoulder as you looked at your phone in my hands, too. I felt your breath brushing off my skin. Then you laid your head on my skinny shoulder. Feeling secured and safe, I did not shrug or anything. I actually enjoyed that, that embracing effect that you gave me. Protected and shielded, I felt as if I was under your virtual wings. 

I am unofficially in a relationship now. Feeling surreal, as I slowly adapt to the new-being-attached-to-someone-life. It feels weird, to me, as I’ve never been in one before. We do not show anything much in college, which is something I like. I don’t want to make it obvious. It’s just, well, what my sixth sense told me to do. Or maybe it’s God. Probably God wants me to keep it low profile, live a great life. 

I am still (having a hard time, not really but still) adjusting to the cheesy honey-like lines that typical couples would use. It’s awkward, as most of the time I do not know how to reply him after he said something cheesy. I would just reply with Awwww or Hahahah(which makes it a hundred times awkward).

wake me up

Being able to wake someone you love up, is one of the best things that one can ever do. I clear my throat as I make the phone call. Heart pounding really fast as I continue to clear my throat. It’s obviously free from phlegm and extra saliva but I just keep on doing that I don’t even know why. I know my voice just isn’t feminine enough, but I try to raise up my voice to a higher pitch unconsciously. 

These are the things that I go through whenever I need to wake you up.