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Month: November, 2013

I think I need to start being grateful because my partner is healthy and working out. We are able to love each other so much with so much blessings from Father Lord. 

cry me a river

I hate the fact that my boyfie is leaving m’sia next year right after AS. And I’m extremely clear with that. 

Blinded with the fact that he’ll not be physically there for me. Continuosly for years. But he’ll be visiting us once or twice a year, he said. 


I kinda like to bask in this pain. The pain of knowing that I’m exactly not my boyfie’s type of girl. I feel like I want to simmer myself in this thing forever, seeing that I’m never good enough for him, knowing that I will always stay on the ground. 

I want to be happy again, but I don’t know how to set myself free. I wanna be prettier than ever. 

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thought it through

I am finally clear that I need to study hard in order to get a placement in a good university. Get good results for A-levels, get into a good uni and get a well-paid job. That’s what I want.

Was talking to my boyfie about his future. He’s aiming for the US, he’s gonna go there and study there for 3-4 years max I guess. I cried countless times talking to him about this. I never ever wanted him to go. But if it gives him a brighter future, so why not? I love him, but I have no rights over his bright future.

And also I’m planning to tell my mum about us when I’m in uni. When we’re steady as hell and mostly unbreakable. When my mum is finally more open minded. When I get good results and don’t let my parents down. That’s when I will tell my mum(but not my dad).

44 Incredible Things That Make Life Even Better

Thought Catalog

1. Road trips.

2. Going out for milkshakes.

3. Bringing home a new pet.

4. When Netflix has a new season of your favorite TV show available.

5. Waterparks.

6. When your cat curls up on your chest and starts purring.

7. Warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

8. Midnight bonfires.

9. Afternoon naps.

10. Lighting your favorite candle and reading a good book cuddled up with a blanket.

11. Water balloon fights.

12. Exploring a new city for the first time.

13. Drive-in movies.

14. Curly fries.

15. Playing in the snow with your dog.

16. Root beer floats.

17. The silence after a snowstorm.

18. Passport stamps.

19. Ice cream, any kind, doesn’t matter.

20. Going to the midnight premiere of a movie you’re really excited about.

21. Pajamas fresh out of the dryer, especially in the winter.

22. Looking at the stars on a clear night.


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10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back

Thought Catalog

Moving around the world teaches you many things. It isn’t for everyone. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what we do. Packing up all your things into two carry-on bags and two checked pieces of luggage is struggles in itself, and to generalize imagine being a woman! I could only bring 10 pairs of shoes! Your mother will go through that luggage and make you narrow it down to seven cardigans instead of 17 and she will remind you that those shorts still don’t fit and haven’t fit for 3 years, you should probably just let them go. Along with letting those shorts go you are also letting go of friendships, relationships, comfort.

A wise man told me that the reason we move to new countries is because we are either running from or running to something. I laughed and thought he was crazy…

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just a lil’ bit of overthinking

I want time to fly. I want it to fast forward to the day where we can finally show everyone our love. I feel pressured to always having to hide the fact that I’m actually in a relationship. I’m scared, terrified, every second of my life, that one day my parents are gonna find out. 


and then I’m in deep shit. 


But let’s just pray that everything’s gonna be okay because PRAYERS ARE STRONG. 

I think my mum is so LOA that she seriously needs help. I hate that so much. Just because I don’t wanna bathe right now doesn’t mean I’m a disobedient daughter. She asked me to go and bathe, I said later. That doesn’t mean I won’t bathe, that just simply means I will bathe later, just not now. And that doesn’t make me a rebelling daughter wth. 

It’s our first monthsary ever tomorrow. Excited and nervous and worried at the same time, I can’t help but to think about the most embarrassing thing that’s gonna happen tomorrow — when you hold my hands. My palms sweat a lot, naturally. I pray that I’m gonna be extremely comfortable with him tomorrow and not sweat at all, my palms. 

And I’m gonna skip class to go for our first monthsary ever. YOLO much. Life’s too short to not do that. 

I love him, so so much. I wanna hug the hell out of him. Smell him. Kiss him. And of course, love him.