thought it through

by Steph

I am finally clear that I need to study hard in order to get a placement in a good university. Get good results for A-levels, get into a good uni and get a well-paid job. That’s what I want.

Was talking to my boyfie about his future. He’s aiming for the US, he’s gonna go there and study there for 3-4 years max I guess. I cried countless times talking to him about this. I never ever wanted him to go. But if it gives him a brighter future, so why not? I love him, but I have no rights over his bright future.

And also I’m planning to tell my mum about us when I’m in uni. When we’re steady as hell and mostly unbreakable. When my mum is finally more open minded. When I get good results and don’t let my parents down. That’s when I will tell my mum(but not my dad).