bunhead for life

20. gemini.

Month: December, 2013

no pain, no gain.

I’m terrified. to death. 

I raised up my hand, but I kept it down again.

Fear of facing problems, is always there.

But I man up instead. 

merry christmas

I am flawed. I am imperfect. I am ugly. I am never pretty enough for anyone else. Never good enough for my parents. Not even my boyfie. I can’t help to feel extremely insecure when I see my boyfie looking at other people who are 10 times or 100 times prettier, more gorgeous, more beautiful, more appealing, more angelic, more charming, more elegant, more good-looking, more stunning than … me. 

Well I’m just a piece of stupid-useless-skinny-ugly-lazy-a lil’ bit way too sensitive-shit.