by Steph

I now need to(was forced to, i had no choice but to) wear a pair of spectacles whenever I am in class slash using the lappy slash studying slash watching a movie in the pitch black cinema. Simply because my astig has gone up to 75-50, short sightedness up to 25-25. Yeah, ‘that’ severe to wear specs. 

I have always wanted to wear specs throughout my childhood. I remember vaguely that I was so eager to wear a pair I actually went for eye checks so frequently just to see if my eyesight has deteriorate. But not until I got into secondary school I became so freaking self conscious about myself I just didn’t want to wear them.(you can tell how much I grew up in high school, so yeah)

Right when I thought I was okay, BOOM.

“Miss, you need a pair of specs.”

“Oh, um, err, are you sur- okay then.” I gulped awkwardly.