bunhead for life

20. gemini.

Month: September, 2014


just some random things that i find pretty. *yawnssss* gonna head to bed now.

livin’ life without him by my side

And so, he just left for UK last night.

Things are pretty okay I guess. So far so good. Well, there are a few things that will always flash across my mind at least once a day :

1. he must be busy.

2. we can make it through.

3. no we won’t make it through. 4 years is just too long.

4. nah, we can make it through if only you don’t overthink.

5. keep yourself busy as hell.

6. tired? sleep.

7. if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. don’t stress about anything that you’re unsure of, God will reveal them to you in time.

8. good things take time

9. nothing ever comes easy if it’s something good