bunhead for life

20. gemini.

Month: December, 2014

i will find my very own jay-z one day

Right now, it is the prime time of our lives to explore everything – the world, the books, friends. And the world is waiting for us to explore it. We have yet to make our parents to be proud of us.

Right now, timing is just not right for us.

Right now, “i am chaos to your mind and you are poison to my heart”.




Surrender // let go

And so we broke up – my ultimate fear. Timing is just not on our side, in fact the distance, the time zone, my insecurities including our busy uni lives. Everything seems to be against us.

But we surrender.

To me, surrender is the word that I actually want to get it tatt on my arm or wrist.

Surrender – in life, we aren’t in control of everything. And sometimes you just have to let go.